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Product - Terra-Sorb

Bioiberica and the Tomato Industry

Since 1986, Bioiberica has been working on natural solutions for plant stress, which negatively affects both the quantity and quality of crops. We have developed a range of products for plant stress that favor biostimulation, nutrition and plant protection.

Terra-Sorb: plant stress in the fields is a thing of the past

Eastern Europe agricultural producers valued very positively the effect of Terra-Sorb® on their crops

Terra-Sorb® Complex was the most noted product at the AECTRA Academy

AECTRA, Bioiberica’s distributor in Romania, hosted the technical symposium “ACADEMIA AECTRA” on 19-20 February at Brasov, which presented the field trials carried out in the largest agricultural estates of the country.
Among the products presented for yield optimization, the Terra-Sorb® Complex excelled.

Effect of the application of Terra-Sorb® on fruit retention, development and quality in mango

In certain species and varieties, as is the case of mango, the grade of fruit setting is an important factor affecting final crop production.

Effect of Terra-Sorb® and AminoQuelant®-K application on production and fruit size in avocado

Avocado is a very important crop worldwide, which adapts to very different edaphic and climatic conditions.

The 4th Terra-Sorb™ technical seminar held at Palafolls was attended by distributors, farmers and researchers from Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

Like last year, Bioiberica’s Palafolls factory held a technical seminar in November on the use of its Terra-Sorb™ products in Eastern Europe.

An increase in the efficacy of phytosanitary treatments when mixed with amino acids

All integrated production strategies agree on the need for reducing the environmental impact of the use of chemical phytosanitary agents (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators and nutrient chelating agents) by increasing their efficiency. 

Why Terra-Sorb®? Some facts about L-α-amino acids obtention and properties

Amino acids are natural molecules that fulfil the role of protein precursors. However, whether individually or as part of the proteins, they perform various physiological functions in plant metabolism: they stimulate root development, the opening of stomata and cell membrane permeability; they are also precursors of hormones, nucleic acids and other important organic compounds such as chlorophyll and polyphenols. In addition, amino acids play a significant role in osmoregulation and some of them are capable of forming complexes with nutrients.

The Plant Physiology Division presented its technical seminar on solutions for profitability of cereal crops

The seminar, held at Bioiberica’s facilities, was attended by more than 50 producers and technicians

Terra-Sorb®, the product of choice in the best extensive cultivation sites in Eastern Europe

An international group of technicians and farmers visited Palafolls and presented the results obtained by Terra-Sorb®.


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