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Product - AminoQuelant

Bioiberica launched at Fruit Attraction trade show two new products for deficiency stress: AminoQuelant™-Ca/Mg and AminoQuelant™-Cu

AminoQuelant™-Ca/Mg is especially designed for the prevention and correction of physiopathies causing heterogeneous dehydration of plant tissues
AminoQuelant™-Cu fights off frequent copper deficiencies and/or excess calcium in basic soils
The biotech company Bioiberica has been innovating for more than 20 years, developing solutions for plant diseases caused by deficiency stress

AminoQuelant®-Cu: bio-available copper having rapid absorption

AminoQuelant_CuAminoQuelant®-Cu is a new formulation composed of a mixture of amino acids made by our exclusive enzymatic hydrolysis process, and copper (5% Cu, 5% free amino acids). This formulation has been specifically designed to optimize copper absorption during certain highly critical moments, thus allowing for a faster and more efficient transportation of copper to the new leaves and to the plants’ growing parts. 


Aminoquelant® Mg: quick assimilation magnesium & amino acids

aminoquelantAminoQuelant® is a product based on amino acids produced by enzymatic hydrolysis and magnesium (MgO, 6% free amino acids). It’s been designed to improve magnesium assimilation in times of critical deficiency, allowing for a quicker and efficient distribution to new leaves and other growing parts of the plant.

Importance of micro nutrients in the cultivation’s nutrition

We call micro nutrients those nutrients that, although being essential for the correct development and reproduction of plants, are needed only in small quantities

New product for the agricultural sector: AminoQuelant-K low pH

In its strive to contribute solutions to the needs of current agriculture, BIOIBERICA has developed a new product: AminoQuelant-K low pH.

AminoQuelant®-K low pH. Low pH. Total Compatibility

AminoQuelant® -K low pH is a product specially developed to supply plants with potassium and amino acids with a pH of 7.2, which makes it ideal for all types of mixtures

Why is AminoQuelant-K® low pH a unique product?

Products with a high concentration of soluble potassium are noted for their alkaline pH

Importance of Potassium Nutrition for Olive Groves

Potassium is a macro element which intervenes at the physiological level in many functions. It is considered the quality element as it triggers all mechanisms related to fruit ripening

Root Exudation of amino acids as a reaction to states of deficiency

It is a well-know fact that plants cultivated under conditions of lack of nutrients increase the secretion of root exudates in order to liberate the nutrients needed by the plant


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