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Product - Suzukii Trap/Dacus Trap

Suzukii Trap™: a technology for the monitoring of D. suzukii captures in grapevines

The term “table grape” applies to those grape variants containing smaller amounts of sugar. They are tastier and are intended for fresh consumption. However, this crop is recently facing a new pest: the Drosophila suzukii fly. According to the US National Agricultural Statistics Service, the losses caused by this pest exceeded 511 US$ millions in 2008. 

Bioiberica has positioned itself as a an international reference in the mass trapping and monitoring of Drosophila Suzukii

This is a new invasive pest that attacks fruit that has become a menace for several crops of high economic importance in Europe

Our company presented today the results of field trials with their specifically designed biological attractant Suzukii Trap™, which has proved efficacy and a high degree of selectivity

Bioiberica Plant Physiology was present at the largest worldwide meeting of the biocontrol industry

The 9th Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM), which took place in Basel, Switzerland from 20 to 22 October, was born out of the co-operation between the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA), of which Bioiberica is an active member. 

Bioiberica presented well attended lectures on control of D. Suzukii in vineyard cultivation

This past November 6th, the 2nd conference on Profitability and Future of Vineyard Growth in Castile-La Mancha was held at Tomelloso, Ciudad Real.

Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division was present during the last month of October at the following events: Vegetal World, Fruit Attraction ’13, ABIM 2013 and the 7th national congress of applied Entomology.

Bioiberica has had an event-filled month, with presentations of its newest products, SuzukiiTrap® and Crop-Scan®. Bioiberica’s continued positioning its Cera Trap® system as the most efficient and eco-friendly mass trap device currently available in the national and international markets.

Suzukii Trap® by Bioberica, the new attractant specifically designed against Drosophila Suzukii

suzukibodegon_400_400BIOIBERICA’s plant physiology division has recently launched a new attractant specifically designed to protect strawberry, cherry and other berries from the fly pest: Drosophila Suzukii


Bioiberica presented the results of SuzukiiTrap® at the 7th Cherry International Symposium held in Plasencia, Spain

The 7th Cherry International Symposium was held at Plasencia (Extremadura, Spain) on 23-27 June. It was attended by scientists, agriculture specialists and farmers specializing in cherry crop production that came from major cherry production areas in the world.

Bioiberica contributes a lecture on Dacus Trap at the IOBC International seminar

The seminar’ fifth edition will be held on 15-20 May in Jerusalem (Israel)

Bioiberica's contribution to this meeting, the most important international event in its field, is a paper on the olive fly biological attractant: Dacus Trap

Dacus Trap® Certified for Organic Farming

The Andalusian Organic Farming Committee (CAAE) has awarded certification to Dacus Trap®, a new system based on a specific food attractant to capture the olive fruit fly ( Bactrocera oleae ). Dacus Trap® contains protein compounds with a high power of attraction.

BIOCEBO: Bait trap for Insect plagues.

Product based on hydrolyzed proteins.

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