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Product - Crop-Scan

Bioiberica Plant Physiology presents Crop-Scan®, our flagship product for tele-detection and precision agriculture, at the 15th New Ag International Conference

As in previous years, our company is one of the main sponsors of this event, the most important meeting worldwide in new agricultural technologies
More than 300 companies, along with organizations from 50 different countries, have pledged to attend the conference; currently held in Berlin, Germany

Irrigation control, specialized plant nutrition, biostimulation, and sensors and technology applied to crop management are among the highlights of the show.

Crop-ScanTM played a starring role in the Montoro Olive Fair, after establishing itself as a profitable service that improves the quality and yield of crops

Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division is cooperating with their Cordoba distributor, CBH, to boost the use of Crop-Scan in olive crops, along with other solutions and innovative techniques for this important crop in the Iberian Peninsula 

CROP-SCAN™: Field experience with hard wheat (Triticum turgidum L.)

CROP-SCAN™ is a teledetection service complemented with the ability to receive advice from expert agronomists, thereby providing farmers with rapid, highly precise information about hydric stress, vigor, chlorophyll contents and the photosynthesis efficiency of all individual plants in a plot.

Bioiberica will present their solutions for plant stress at SmartFruit

The international congress for producers, exporters, importers and distributors of fruit is taking place in Barcelona from 11 to 13 March.

Optimizing stress management in stone fruit plots using Crop-Scan™

Modern day techniques for the diagnosing of nutritional and crop stresses that are available to the producer are limited by the size of the plot, thus yielding scarcely representative results due to the difficulties inherent in examining a large number of samples.

Crop-Scan™: Air scanning to detect crop stress and improve yield

Bioiberica presents the first ever crop scan service using manned aircraft for the early diagnosis of crop stress even before farmers can visually detect the first symptoms.

Detection of differences in hydric stress management in citric crops by means of the CROP-SCAN® Service

logoCropScan200x100The CROP-SCAN® service provides quick, precise data on hydric stress, vigor, chlorophyll content and Photosynthetic light-use efficiency in crops, allowing for early detection of differences in yield and product quality that will allow farmers to implement measures to optimize yield.

Optimization of olive crop yield by means of CROP-SCAN®

The CROP-SCAN® service provides quick, precise data on hydric stress, strength, chlorophyll content and efficiency in photosynthetic activity for all trees in a plot, thus allowing for the early detection of differences in yield that cannot be detected by the naked eye. This allows farmers to implement the necessary measures to optimize the plot’s yield.

Remote sensing to diagnose plant stress in wood crops

One of the major trademarks of our Mediterranean agriculture output is the very high quality of the product, because of our focus on foreign exports.

Bioiberica launched CROP-SCAN®, a system for the diagnosis of plant stress in woody crops

Crop-Scan®, which has been developed by Bioberica’s R&D team, uses imaging taken by airborne thermal and multispectral cameras to diagnose crop stress.

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