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Product - CeraTrap

Bioiberica attended the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting in Basel, Switzerland

ABIM 2017, which is the most important Biocontrol event in Europe, was attended by some 900 international delegates.

Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division presented their biological attractant at booth #57 in the exhibitors’ area.

Bioiberica Plant Physiology to launch their first photo contest in plant macrophotography

The picture must be taken with the new pocket microscope for smartphones, offered by Bioiberica’s range of biological attractants

The best plant physiopathy or pathology picture will win an iPad mini

The Plant Physiology Division to launch their new CeraTrap™ website

CeraTrap™ is the most efficient and eco-friendly solution for the fruit fly pest affecting citrus and fruit trees
This new website includes a calculator to accurately determine the precise quantity of traps needed per hectare

The R&D department of Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division was present at the 3rd International Symposium on Tephritidae

  • The symposium brought a number of expert entomologists to the Stellenbosch University campus in South Africa.

  • The Tephritidae are one of the taxonomic families of the insects commonly known as “fruit flies”.

Cera Trap®, the biological fruit-fly bait from Bioibérica, obtains phytosanitary product registration in Spain

The highly effective, insecticide-free liquid food attractant is specifically designed to capture the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis Capitata

Bioiberica was present at the 22nd edition of HORTITEC Brazil, the most important horticulture fair in that country

Our Plant Physiology Division, together with our Brazilian distributor Agro Wiser, presented Cera-Trap®, the 100 percent efficient and eco-friendly attractant for the control of fruit fly

Cera Trap™ is the product chosen for the control of the fruit fly in the San Francisco Valley, Brazil

The agricultural authorities of the State of Pernambuco have acknowledged the usefulness of Cera Trap™ for the pest control of fruit flies, mostly of the Ceratitis capitata species, which has reached record-setting, unheard of infestation levels.

Cera Trap™ hailed in Brazil as a revolutionary trap system for fruit flies

After three years of satisfactory field trials against Anastrepha fraterculus carried out by the EMBRAPA, Cera Trap™ is now hailed in Brazil as an efficient, innovative and eco-friendly system for the capture of this harmful fruit fly

Citrus experts from the Maghreb confirm that Cera Trap® is the best option for controlling the pest Ceratitis capitata

The Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata, comes from Sub Sahara Africa and is one of the most damaging agricultural pests worldwide.

Bioiberica was present at the 9th International Symposium on the Economical Importance of Fruit Flies (ISFFEI) held at Bangkok

During the 9th ISFFEI, held at Thailand’s capital on May 11-17, 2015, Bioiberica’s Plant Physiology Division presented the results of a new Cera Trap® trial.


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