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Product - Armurox

Control of Pyricularia and Hemlthosporium with Armurox™

While the origin of rice is in Asia, it is nowadays cultivated in wetlands and river deltas worldwide, being the second most cultivated cereal on a global level. Furthermore, it is a fundamental part of the diet of many countries. There are more than 10,000 known variants, with the Bomba variant the one best known in Spain. The most common diseases affecting rice are those caused by fungus infections-their incidence and severity may cause the loss of up to 70% of crops. This makes it a prerogative to take preventive measures during the entire cultivation cycle.

Bioiberica presented in Nicaragua the beneficial effects of Armurox on rice

This past week, Bioiberica presented the beneficial effects of their product Armurox on rice crops to more than 100 people in Managua, Nicaragua.

The fight against powdery mildew

Pathogens attack plants, causing them stress. Strawberry powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca macularis sp. Fragariae) is one of the most common diseases in this type of crop. It is a fungus that covers leaves, fruits, stems and buds with a white dust, inducing leaf curl, lack of flowering and finally the death of the plant.

Coinciding with the 37th EXPOATAM 2015, BIOIBERICA carried out a technical tour on sugarcane in Mexico

An important Bioiberica delegation, along with representatives from their main distributor in Latin America and several sugarcane mill technicians, attended the congress of the Association of Sugar Technicians of Mexico (Asociación de Técnicos Azucareros de México, ATAM).

Strategy for disease control in garlic and onion

Downy and powdery mildew are the most prevalent fungal diseases affecting garlic and onion crops. This is why Bioiberica has developed a complete eco-friendly strategy against both diseases that can replace the standard chemical treatments; leaving no residues and do not need restricted entry intervals.

Evaluation of the efficacy of Armurox® in rice crop infected by rice blast

Armurox® is a product certified for ecological agriculture. It is composed of an active peptide complex combined with soluble silicon which mechanically reinforces plant tissue against mechanic and pathogen-caused stress.

Protection against diseases caused by surface-staining fungi: a compound consisting of active peptides and soluble silicon

Phytopathogenic fungi rank among the most common causes of diseases in economically important plant crops worldwide. They not only damage the crops-fungal diseases also weaken the plant’s ability to resist biotic or abiotic stress factors. The new approaches to plant protection against fungal disease have aroused interest because of environmental concerns and norms restricting use of pesticides.

Armurox®: The dual-action plant protection product

ArmuroxBioiberica presents Armurox®, the product against pathogen-induced plant stress. Armurox® is a dual-action product: creates a physical barrier under the plant cuticle and boosts the plants’ inner defenses. 

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