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Bioiberica was present at the Phytoma-Spain International Olive Tree Conference

Our Plant Physiology Division sent a speaker to the International Olive Tree Conference on Challenges in Plant Health and Technological Innovation


This international meeting dedicated to the olive tree, which took place on 8-10 November 2017 in Jaen, Spain, had the aim of deepening our understanding of the care and maintenance of this crop. Bioiberica presented a lecture entitled “Top Treatments from the Last 30 Years for Better Health and Nutritional Efficiency in Olive Trees”, a chronological overview of the products developed by our Plant Physiology Division since 1986. This overview remarked the Division’s focus on healthcare and nutrition of olive trees.

Our more than 30 years of innovation and experience have culminated this year in the launch of the Equilibrium® formula, which is designed for the improvement of fruit setting and development, thanks to its increase of the cellular division rate and inducement of phytohormone synthesis.

Viena 2017



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