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Inicium®, Initiator of Radicular Activity.

BIOIBERICA has just launched this new product which was researched and developed by BIOIBERICA

It is a formula specifically designed to mitigate the stress situations which happen during or at transplantation, seedbed, or plantation.

With Inicium ® we are opening a new era in the field of exogenous application of low molecular weight peptides. For this concrete case, we use peptides to successfully overcome stress caused by transplantation.

What does Inicium®contain?

Inicium® contains peptides characterized by their low molecular weight and by their great root system activity.

Their low molecular weight (669 daltons) guarantees their rapid and total absorption.

The development of Inicium® is the fruit of an investigation lasting several years to verify, both in laboratory and in the field, that it is the best peptide-based product to stimulate root system activity.

How it Works?

Inicium® activates stress proteins, thus helping the plant to overcome adverse situations that happen during transplantation both more rapidly and in better shape.

Primary Advantages:

?Development of a potent root system (root and root hairs).

?Helps to overcome plant stress during the critical moments of transplantation, seedbed or plantation.

?Speeds up plant growth, such that the plant reaches the blossoming stage sooner.

?Completely natural, hormone-free product, consequently, it does not leave chemicals residues.

In addition to this, Inicium®, maintains an equilibrium between the aerial and root parts of the plant, thus reducing the etiolation of the plant.

Dosage and how to use it:

Inicium® se puede aplicar tanto en semilleros, viveros y campos de cultivo.


The main crops are: horticulture products, strawberries, tree crops (citrus, fruit, sub-tropical, vineyard, etc.) and in those industrial crops (e.g. beetroot, cotton) where there are implantation problems.

In tree crops apply at the beginning of the root activity.

The doses noted here are designed for a single application, although depending on the type of dosage, users can portion the total doses and distribute them in several portions, always applicable at the beginning of the cultivation.

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