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BIOIBERICA PLANT PHYSIOLOGY. Specialists at Contributing Solutions to Plant Stress.

Since its creation in 1975, BIOIBERICA has specialized in obtaining active ingredients by means of its exclusive method of enzymatic hydrolysis.

In the agricultural sector, we have almost 20 years of experience in the production and commercialization of the Terra-Sorb® and AminoQuelant® product lines, based on amino acids obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis. The proven quality and efficiency of these products has consolidated BIOIBERICA as the leader and specialist in amino acids within the field of vegetal nutrition.

Now, BIOIBERICA has widened its area of action towards vegetal stress management. With the keywords “Plant Stress Management”, BIOBERICA intends to contribute solutions to the different issues experienced by cultivations, issues which prevent plants from achieving their full productive potential.

In this sense, different types of bio molecules are being researched- bio molecules with the potential to mitigate different stress situations in specific ways.

One of the most advanced lines of investigation is that of stress proteins. During the last few years, scientific advances in the molecular biology and vegetal physiology fields have discovered several different families of proteins produced by the plant when in certain unfavourable situations. For example, investigators have identified the SSPs (Salt Stress Proteins), WSP (Water Stress Proteins), CSPs (Cold Stress Protein), HSP (Heat Shock Protein), etc.

The first product to be launched based on this research is Inicium®, Initiator of Root activity, which we are introducing in this issue.

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