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BIOCEBO: Bait trap for Insect plagues.

Product based on hydrolyzed proteins.

BIOCEBO is a new product from BIOIBERICA. Composed mostly by hydrolyzed proteins (a concentration of 30 % p/v) it has been especially developed to use as a bait trap for adults of olive and fruit flies (Bactrocera oleae, Ceratitis capitata, Rhagoletis cerasi) and other species of Diptera –flies and mosquitoes -).

It is recommended for use as a base for mixtures with insecticides authorized for bait traps that will be used in applications from the air or from the ground inorder to control a plague. Tests carried out by the "ADV de l'olivera del Baix Ebre i Montsià" (ADV= Agrupacio de Defensa Vegetal, Association for Plant Preservation) at Catalonia against the olive fly by mixing our product with Dimetoate insecticide gave better efficiency when compared to the reference sample.

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