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Bioiberica Plant Physiology to launch their first photo contest in plant macrophotography

The picture must be taken with the new pocket microscope for smartphones, offered by Bioiberica’s range of biological attractants

The best plant physiopathy or pathology picture will win an iPad mini

Bioiberica’s range of biological attractants will present their first contest in plant macro-photography. Participants must submit pictures taken with the new gadget [JRM1]offered by Bioberica, a pocket microscope for smartphones that can take highly magnified macro-photographs.

The pictures must show any type of plant pathology. After review, all submitted pictures will be published on the Ceratrap website, the biological attractant for fruit fly control. The staff of the Plant Physiology division will pick the best photograph, which will win an iPad mini. You can read about the competition rules at:

Bioiberica’s range of biological attractants is based on a formulation of hydrolyzed proteins, which are selected for their attractant power and specificity against certain fly pests affecting crops worldwide, such as Ceratitis capitata, Anastrepha sp., Bactrocera sp., Drosophila suzukii, etc.… their ultimate aim is to provide farmers with an efficient, eco-friendly pest control method, thus reducing the use of pesticides to a minimum.

Concurso de macrofotografía

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