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Bioiberica’s R&D Department and the IRTA presented a new video on Inicium

Anna Botta, an R&D specialist at Bioiberica, and Dr. Felicidad de Herralde, a researcher at IRTA, explained in the short documentary below the benefits of Inicium® in transplants.

Inicium® has certain specific peptides that activate the proteins associated with stress management. These proteins play a key role in the early stages of the plants’ development. At the IRTA (Center for Agrofood Technology and Research) of Torre Marimon there is a structure called rhizotron, that can continuously monitor the grown of roots, thus demonstrating the benefits of Inicium.

In this video, experts Felicidad de Herralde, a researcher at IRTA, and Anna Botta, an R&D specialist at Bioiberica, explain how the rhizotron allowed them to quantify the plants’ radicular growth. Roots treated with Inicium appeared much earlier than in the untreated plants, and occupied a larger surface area, which in turn is translated into a larger growth of the aerial part of the plant.

Inicium is applied at the moment of transplantation, so that the plant can overcome the stress caused by that critical stage. Thanks to the application of Inicium, this plant will begin producing as early as possible. The increase in root length (by 30%) implies, as explained by Botta, a larger aerial surface, and therefore a larger and more homogeneous crop. In the expert’s words, “these are the characteristics all technicians or farmers look for”.

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