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Bioiberica Plant Physiology consolidated the presence of its bioavailable nutrition range in China

  • Our company was one of the main sponsors of the 14th New AG International Conference and Exhibition held in China.

  • More than 750 visitors attended Bioiberica’s booth at the congress.

  • The AminoQuelant range of bioavailable nutrition was received with great interest. 

The 14th New AG International Conference & Exhibition, held on 6-8 April in Beijing (China), was a unique opportunity for producers and firms worldwide to familiarize themselves with one of the largest and most dynamic markets in the world: China. This event was attended by firms and delegates from more than 60 countries. The local and Asiatic producers and firms were particularly interested in this event.

Apart from visiting exhibition areas dedicated to the leading firms in this sector, attendees also had the opportunity to attend conferences and presentations of new findings. These conferences and presentations were across many different themes, all of which play an important role in the field of agriculture; such as economy, plant nutrient marketing, biostimulants, fertirrigation, new irrigation methods, and new ways to protect crops.

Bioiberica, with over 40 years of experience and leadership in amino acid products - thanks to its exclusive enzyme hydrolysis process, attended this event. Moreover, they presented with great success their renewed range of AminoQuelant products, which help restore the physiologic balance in a safe and efficient manner. 

14 New AG Bioiberica

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