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AminoQuelant™-Ca/Mg: Corrects stress caused by Ca and Mg deficiency

aminoquelant_ca_mgAminoQuelant™-Ca/Mg is new in the AminoQuelant™ range of products-it is a formulation composed of amino acids made through Bioiberica´s exclusive enzyme hydrolysis process, in combination with calcium and magnesium (6.5% calcium, 2% magnesium, 4% free amino acids).

Calcium is an essential element for cell division during root growth, as well as a component of cell walls. In addition, magnesium is a central component of chlorophyll, and is therefore of key importance for the photosynthesis and vegetative growth of plants.

Thanks to the combination of calcium, magnesium and enzyme hydrolysis amino acids, the plants quickly absorb and transport these elements to their growing areas, where they are needed most.

It is particularly suited for the prevention and correction of physiopathies causing heterogeneous dehydration in a plant´s tissue. It yields excellent results in weak rachides and bunch stem necrosis in grapevine and table grapes. We recommend foliar use as a quick acting treatment for periods of stress (drought, cold, heat waves, etc.) and/or for the treatment of manifest shortages.

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