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AminoQuelant®-Cu: bio-available copper having rapid absorption

AminoQuelant_CuAminoQuelant®-Cu is a new formulation composed of a mixture of amino acids made by our exclusive enzymatic hydrolysis process, and copper (5% Cu, 5% free amino acids). This formulation has been specifically designed to optimize copper absorption during certain highly critical moments, thus allowing for a faster and more efficient transportation of copper to the new leaves and to the plants’ growing parts. 


AminoQuelant®-Cu foliar application provides a quick solution to restore copper to adequate levels.

This element is essential in processes such as photosynthesis, respiration and lignification. Its presence is indispensable to optimize these vital processes. Furthermore, copper plays a key role in several enzymatic reactions necessary for reproductive and defensive processes. 

The lack of copper is common in basic soils and/or in soils with an excess of calcium. This problem mostly affects legume and grain crops.

The most common symptoms of lack of copper in wheat are chlorosis and limited production of ears, as well as deficient development and offsetting. In olive trees, it is also important to apply copper to promote the correct formation and protection of their fruit. 

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