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Cera Trap™ hailed in Brazil as a revolutionary trap system for fruit flies

After three years of satisfactory field trials against Anastrepha fraterculus carried out by the EMBRAPA, Cera Trap™ is now hailed in Brazil as an efficient, innovative and eco-friendly system for the capture of this harmful fruit fly

These field trials support the good results already achieved against Ceratitis capitata and other fly species belonging to theAnastrepha and Bactrocera genus.

This product is a joint effort between Bioiberica’s technical team and their Brazilian partner Agro Comercial Wiser and was launched at Hortitec 2014, held at Holambra, Sao Paulo, and at Senafrut 2014, held at Sao Joaquim, Santa Caterina. Furthermore, this past September EMBRAPA officials presented at the 25th Brazilian congress of entomology, held at Goiania (Goias), the excellent results of Cera Trap in field trials carried out in the South and Northeast of the country. That same month, Agro Comercial Wiser and Bioiberica presented Cera Trap™ at the Holantec symposium, which was held at Avaré, Sao Paulo. 

This product is currently being sold by the Wiser distribution network, and is being used with satisfactory results in treating grapevine, apple and fruit tree plots in the Southern states of Rio Grande and Santa Catarina. Although Cera Trap™ is still in development with field trials in other regions and crops under different environmental situations, it has already become the product of choice against fruit fly in Brazil- currently one of the largest problems affecting farming in this country.

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