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Aminoquelant® Mg: quick assimilation magnesium & amino acids

aminoquelantAminoQuelant® is a product based on amino acids produced by enzymatic hydrolysis and magnesium (MgO, 6% free amino acids). It’s been designed to improve magnesium assimilation in times of critical deficiency, allowing for a quicker and efficient distribution to new leaves and other growing parts of the plant.

Foliar application of AminoQuelant®-Mg provides immediate recovery of adequate magnesium levels.

The element Mg is part of the chlorophyll molecule and its presence is essential to achieve maximum photosynthesis rates in the plant. Furthermore, Mg also takes a role in the metabolism of the plant, as it is involved in several different enzymatic reactions necessary for growth processes.

Magnesium deficiency is quite common in citrus and grapevine, especially in the latter because it is an antagonist of potassium and calcium.

In grapevine, the clearest symptom of Mg deficiency is a characteristic chlorosis. It is also associated with the drying of the grapevine’ rachis.

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