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Inicium® field trial in vine root

The development of a strong radicular system accelerates early development of vines, thus allowing for earlier flowering, fruit set and crop stages.

Inicium® is composed of low molecular weight peptides with high radicular and anti-stress activity. It is specially recommended for the early stages of rooting, as it helps plants to overcome stress during the critical stages of transplantation, seedbed or planting.

Inicium® was developed in 2003 by BIOIBERICA’s R&D team. The report below is a summary of the field trial in vine that proved its root growth boost effect:



  • Aim: to test the Inicium® boost effect on branch and root growth.
  • Cultivar: two rootstocks, R-110 y SO4, with grafts of Monastrel and Syrah grape.
  • Location: Albacete (Spain).
  • Plots: There were selected 56 homogeneous vines that had been previously treated with each variety’ indolebutyric acid (IBA).
  • Application:The product was administered three times, beginning on May 29th, at ten-day intervals between each administration.
  • Dosage: • Dosage: 18 cm3/litro, at 1 liter per rootstock.



Conclusions and beneficial effects:

  • Inicium® boosted the vine’s root development after callus formation. This finding was confirmed in the two vines being tested, R-110 and SO-4. A stronger radicular development was clearly visible.
  • • It also stimulated branch growth, markedly larger than the control group, thus keeping the balance between radicular and branch growth (root to leave ratio).
  • Inicium® favored the development of a strong root system during the seeding and transplantation stage that is carried out in late winter. In order to overcome transplantation-caused stress, whether thermal, water, high luminosity, salt or mechanic, Inicium® activated stress proteins. It also favored the recovery of the root mass after root-damaging fungi and nematode attacks.

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