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Bioiberica contributes a lecture on Dacus Trap at the IOBC International seminar

The seminar’ fifth edition will be held on 15-20 May in Jerusalem (Israel)

Bioiberica's contribution to this meeting, the most important international event in its field, is a paper on the olive fly biological attractant: Dacus Trap

Again this year, Bioiberica’s Vegetal Physiology Division will be present at the international seminar held by the IOC (International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants). There, they will present a paper on Dacus Trap, the biological attractant for the olive fly.

Bactrocera oleae or olive fly is an insect which causes great damage in the olive oil’ quality and quantity of production. This paper, to be read in the Jerusalem seminar, demostrates how Dacus Trap, a 100% ecologic biological attractant, can be used to produce good quantities of quality, economically competitive, olive oil.

This seminar will present the conclusion of the latests research on Dacus Trap,  conclusions that are highly revealing. Several studies carried out in Isreal and Spain during the previous year have compared the effectiveness of this highly-efficient attractant system with the standard local practice (chemical products), proving that Dacus Trap lessens the impact of the plagues and has efficiency levels similar to that obtained with the standard treatments. Its advantage is that it reduces the incidence of plagues, thus reducing the need to use pesticides- to the point of making them unneccesary, which in turn prevents the risk of toxic effects.

The Vegetal Physiology Division

Bioiberica’s Vegetal Physiology Division works to develop specific solutions for plant stress-these specific solutions makes them specialists in plant stress management.

The protein-based formulae developed by Bioiberica Vegetal Physiology acts as an specific, highly selective food attractant; which is efficient against several types of insects but, at the same time, spares beneficial fauna. Its elevated attracting power efficiently controls several different types of plagues, without requiring the use of insecticides.

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