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Field Experience - Strawberry & berries

Increase of chlorophyll in strawberry plants thanks to AminoQuelant®-Fe

Chlorophyll is probably the best known of plant pigments, for it is the one that gives plants their characteristic green color. But its usefulness goes beyond color, for it is thanks to chlorophyll that photosynthesis is made possible, allowing plants to transform the sunlight into energy and growth. 

Increased Berry Yield with Inicium®

Red berries, whose individual names are widely known, are not only delicious, but also highly beneficial. Strawberries, for instance, help to fight iron deficiencies (anemia) and their fructose content is recommended for people with diabetes. These fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins, as well as in water content, which makes them refreshing and healthy fruits for the summer season. 

The fight against powdery mildew

Pathogens attack plants, causing them stress. Strawberry powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca macularis sp. Fragariae) is one of the most common diseases in this type of crop. It is a fungus that covers leaves, fruits, stems and buds with a white dust, inducing leaf curl, lack of flowering and finally the death of the plant.

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