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Field Experience - Olive tree

Equilibrium increases yield and fat content in olive trees

Below is a field trial in olive trees showing the advantages of the use of Equilibrium, Bioiberica’s new biostimulant, on the improvement of fruit setting rates and yield increase.

Improving fruit setting in olives with AminoQuelant®-B

Boron (B) is one of the seven essential micronutrients for the proper growth of most plants, as it promotes proper cell division and expansion. It is also involved in the formation of the cell walls, pollination, blossoming, seed production, translocation of sugars to the roots, regulation of hormone levels and many other highly important processes. Due to its key role, an adequate supply of this micronutrient might mark the difference between an average harvest and an excellent one.

Prevention of olive leaf spot with AminoQuelant™ -Cu

Olive leaf spot, which is caused by the Spilocaea oleagina fungus, is the most common disease in olive groves, affecting a large number of regions. Olive leaf spot causes round-shaped spots on the leaves, which fall off prematurely. This defoliation weakens the tree, with a significant part of the crop being lost.

Optimization of olive crop yield by means of CROP-SCAN®

The CROP-SCAN® service provides quick, precise data on hydric stress, strength, chlorophyll content and efficiency in photosynthetic activity for all trees in a plot, thus allowing for the early detection of differences in yield that cannot be detected by the naked eye. This allows farmers to implement the necessary measures to optimize the plot’s yield.

Terra-Sorb® complex. Tests Results


The study was made with Arbequina olive tree variety

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