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Field Experience - Horticultural

Positive results of Equilibrium® treatment on Dutch cucumber

Equilibrium® offers very good results in Dutch cucumbers-it increases fruit setting and yield, without negatively affecting fruit weight.

Increasing yields with Terra-Sorb Complex

According to FAO data, Spain is the 12th leading producer worldwide of onions. The onion, or Allium cepa, is the most cultivated plant of its genus, and it is thought to be one of the first plants cultivated by mankind.

More Tomatoes with AminoQuelant™ –K low pH

In 2012, worldwide tomato production levels reached more than 120 million tons, with the European Union being one of the largest producers. The optimum cultivation of tomatoes requires very specific temperature, moisture and luminosity conditions, this is why it is often cultivated in greenhouses.

Evaluation of the effect of Stressal™ on cucumber grown in saline soil

Soil salinity is a problem affecting approximately 89.7 million hectares worldwide.

Bioiberica and the Tomato Industry

Since 1986, Bioiberica has been working on natural solutions for plant stress, which negatively affects both the quantity and quality of crops. We have developed a range of products for plant stress that favor biostimulation, nutrition and plant protection.

Strategy for disease control in garlic and onion

Downy and powdery mildew are the most prevalent fungal diseases affecting garlic and onion crops. This is why Bioiberica has developed a complete eco-friendly strategy against both diseases that can replace the standard chemical treatments; leaving no residues and do not need restricted entry intervals.

Evaluation of the effect of Incium® applications in lettuce transplantation in Chile

 Inicium® is a low molecular weight peptide-based product with radicular activity that is especially beneficial at the onset of radicular activity and during transplantation. The most visible effects of Incium® are the development of a strong radicular system, which helps lettuce reach a sellable size faster.
The following is a trial on lettuce carried out the year (2004) in Chile, where these effects are confirmed.  

Evaluation of effect of Inicium® applications in pepper transplantation (Murcia, Spain)

Inicium® is a low molecular weight peptide-based product with great radicular activity. It is specially indicated at the onset of radicular activity and during transplantation. The development of a strong radicular apparatus favours the advance of initial stages, enabling a prompter reach of the flowering, fruit set and production stages. Next we present a trial conducted on pepper in (Murcia, Spain), where these effects are confirmed.

Terra-Sorb® foliar. A Great Ally Against Frost Damage

We have already mentioned on several occasions about the usefulness of using amino acids to protect and heal cultivations from the effects of low temperatures and mild frost

Test on melon in hydroponic cultivation

Study on the melon cultivation cycle


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