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Field Experience - Grape and table vine

Yield optimization in table grapes by using Equilibrium™

Grape variants commonly known as table grapes are considered tastier, having a generally lower sugar content which makes them ideal for fresh consumption.

Terra-Sorb™ mitigates abiotic stress caused by cold weather and hail

The grapevine buds blossom during the last months of winter and early spring. In certain regions there is a physical stress caused by the cold and/or mechanical stress caused by hail. Abiotic stress during vegetative growth may cause a notable decrease in yield. In the study below, we give details on how the use of Terra-Sorb™ in two field trials might be of great use to mitigate the negative effect of abiotic stress caused by cold and hail.

Improving qualitative parameters in vineyards with Terra-Sorb® foliar

The use of amino acid-based bio-stimulants is a concept receiving much interest in vineyard management.

Use of AminoQuelant® -K low pH in vineyards

Potassium is one of the most important macronutrients in vineyards. A proper potassium supply is necessary to improve the quality of the grape and its wine (sugar contents, coloration, taste, firmness and post-crop conditions). Potassium has a direct role in the synthesis of sugar and other enzyme processes related to the grapes’ maturation.

Suzukii Trap™: a technology for the monitoring of D. suzukii captures in grapevines

The term “table grape” applies to those grape variants containing smaller amounts of sugar. They are tastier and are intended for fresh consumption. However, this crop is recently facing a new pest: the Drosophila suzukii fly. According to the US National Agricultural Statistics Service, the losses caused by this pest exceeded 511 US$ millions in 2008. 

Inicium® field trial in vine root

The development of a strong radicular system accelerates early development of vines, thus allowing for earlier flowering, fruit set and crop stages.

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