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Field Experience - Citrus fruit

Equilibrium® improves fruit setting, caliber and firmness in Navel Late Oranges

Equilibrium® increases fruit setting, caliber and firmness in oranges

Correcting nutritional deficiencies in citrus with AminoQuelant Zn/Mn™

Spain produces more than 625,700 million tons of lemons per year, which makes our country the 8th largest producer worldwide of this fruit. The lemon, or citrus x limon, is a fruit originating in Asia, having acidic taste, great smell and being mostly cultivated for human consumption. It contains large amounts of Vitamin C and citric acid, so it is highly recommended for the cold season.

Detection of differences in hydric stress management in citric crops by means of the CROP-SCAN® Service

logoCropScan200x100The CROP-SCAN® service provides quick, precise data on hydric stress, vigor, chlorophyll content and Photosynthetic light-use efficiency in crops, allowing for early detection of differences in yield and product quality that will allow farmers to implement measures to optimize yield.

Fast recovery of plants affected by freeze after being treated with Terra-Sorb®

Now that winter is approaching, it is important to pay attention to possible damage that could be caused by low temperatures and frost.

Terra-Sorb as the Solution for Setting of the Orange of Navelate variant

The Department of Vegetal Physiology of the School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering of Lleida did an experiment demonstrating the efficiency of TERRA-SORB FOLIAR to improve fruit setting of the orange of the “Navelate” variety

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