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Applied Knowledge

Amino acid based products to help golf courses irrigated with recycled water

Nowadays, water availability has become one of the most serious problems affecting the world population, especially in arid and semiarid regions where long droughts can jeopardize development.

Free Amino Acids: the answer for plant stress

In the natural world there are 18 free amino acids which compose the totality of proteins in all living beings.

An increase in the efficacy of phytosanitary treatments when mixed with amino acids

All integrated production strategies agree on the need for reducing the environmental impact of the use of chemical phytosanitary agents (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators and nutrient chelating agents) by increasing their efficiency. 

Protection against diseases caused by surface-staining fungi: a compound consisting of active peptides and soluble silicon

Phytopathogenic fungi rank among the most common causes of diseases in economically important plant crops worldwide. They not only damage the crops-fungal diseases also weaken the plant’s ability to resist biotic or abiotic stress factors. The new approaches to plant protection against fungal disease have aroused interest because of environmental concerns and norms restricting use of pesticides.

Amino acids in Pollination and fructification processes

Pollination and flower fecundation are phenomena submitted to factors both internal and external, factors that can affect negatively the ripening of the fruits.

Importance of micro nutrients in the cultivation’s nutrition

We call micro nutrients those nutrients that, although being essential for the correct development and reproduction of plants, are needed only in small quantities

First Results of the experiment carried out by the University of Pennsylvania (USA)

University of Pennsylvania is carrying out experiments with the BIOIBERICA’s Terra-Sorb® product range.

Importance of Potassium Nutrition for Olive Groves

Potassium is a macro element which intervenes at the physiological level in many functions. It is considered the quality element as it triggers all mechanisms related to fruit ripening

Root Exudation of amino acids as a reaction to states of deficiency

It is a well-know fact that plants cultivated under conditions of lack of nutrients increase the secretion of root exudates in order to liberate the nutrients needed by the plant

Influence of Calcium nutrition level in fungus diseases

Incidence of fungus diseases do not depend only of the plant specie or variant and that of the virulence of the pathogen. The general health level of the plant is a very important factor


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